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A Textbook Example: How English schools shape views of Hindi Literature

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Shonali Jindal investigates whether a fundamental difference exists in the treatment of Hindi and English Literature in English-medium textbooks in contemporary India.

NourbeSe Philip and destroying the English language

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Can the act of recycling the English language liberate those who have been snubbed by the hegemonic power? Is it a way of turning the master’s tools [...] against itself to be used as a device that dismantles the master’s unhinged, socially stratified house? 

Retrospective: MULOSIGE roundtable on Aamir Mufti’s Forget English!

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Fatima Burney looks back at our roundtable discussion with Professor Aamir Mufti and explores the consequences of his latest book, Forget English!, for the MULOSIGE project

English is an African Language- the Language of Coexistence

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Mauritanian writer Mohmed Bouya Bamba argues that English has practical advantages for interethnic and intercountry communication in Africa, so Africans should reclaim the language instead of waging a futile ideological war

English an African Language? Hay’ khona! (Nope)

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In a response to recent articles in the Journal of African Cultural Studies, Wanga Gambushe (SOAS) asks whether English can be an African language from a particularly South African perspective

Imperial Languages/Languages and Empire: A reflection

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MULOSIGE's Francesca Orsini interrogates a new collaborative project that explores the interaction between languages and empire and suggests that 'imperial languages' as a conceptual category should be deployed carefully

Hamlet at Helsingør: performance across time, space and language

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Watching 'Hamlet Live' at Kronborg Castle creates a sense of both familiarity and distance that helps us think about how literatures travel and come to be shared

Reading group with Javed Majeed (King’s College London)

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Javed Majeed joined us for an informative and enjoyable reading group where we discussed his work on the Linguistic Survey of India and its superintendent, George Grierson.

Qurratulain Hyder’s The Nautch Girl: A doubly multilingual text

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What happens when a text from 17th century India passes through a double translation over the next two centuries? Qurratulain Hyder's translation of Hasan Shah's The Nautch Girl reveals some of the changes that occur when texts move across time and space.