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Voices from “Broken Places” (Oromia/Ethiopia)

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Venue: Russell Square College Buildings                      Room: G51 Speaker: Professor Assefa Tefera Dibaba (Addis Ababa) In Oromo worldview, land and land resources are not just to be used but also to be revered and cared for. However, with the advent of both Christianity and Islam, land was removed

MULOSIGE Reading List: Orature, World Literature and Mobility

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Professor Catherine Servan-Schreiber (CNRS Paris) offers a reading list that explores orature and mobility in North Indian popular culture.

Orature, Literature and History: Exploring Northern Indian Popular Culture (19c-20c) – PART 1

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How does awareness of contemporary orature change the way we approach historical texts? How can we use these texts as sources to write a history of the region which produced them? How can we use narrative patterns to compare distant forms of orature? And how can we make orature seriously part of the study of world literature?

Discovering eco-criticism in Hindi: Renu’s Tale of a barren land

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In an ecocritical reading of Hindi author Phaniswarnath Renu, Amul Gyawali explores the dichotomies in his writing: state-society, centre-periphery and, crucially, man-nature

Comparison as Relation: Multilingual literary regions and comparative colonialisms

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A three-day workshop (14, 15 and 16 December 2017) hosted by MULOSIGE in collaboration with the Raza Foundation (New Delhi) and Delhi University