Mysteries of the Indian Jungle – Emilio Salgari’s Orientalist adventures

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No Italian writer has left a deeper and more lasting imprint over Italian readers of a certain exotic image of India than Emilio Salgari (1862-1922). His adventure books spanning four continents rank among the classics of adventure/children’s literature. Indeed, were popularity alone determined membership to world literature, Salgari would count as the foremost Italian writer in the world.

“There is No Victor But God: The Colonial Afterlife of a Medieval Granadan Motto.”

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Grounded in nearly a decade of research in Spain and North Africa, Colonial al-Andalus explores the culture, politics, and legacies of Spanish colonialism in Morocco (1859-1956).  It traces the genealogy of a widespread idea about Morocco: namely, the idea that modern Moroccan culture descends directly from al-Andalus.

Making the child ‘sharīf’ in Urdu textbooks – Muslim, yet not Islamic

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Sumaira Nawaz reflects on Urdu educational texts in colonial North India and how they informed new sensibilities and identities across religious divides

Discovering eco-criticism in Hindi: Renu’s Tale of a barren land

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In an ecocritical reading of Hindi author Phaniswarnath Renu, Amul Gyawali explores the dichotomies in his writing: state-society, centre-periphery and, crucially, man-nature

Comparison as Relation: Multilingual literary regions and comparative colonialisms

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A three-day workshop (14, 15 and 16 December 2017) hosted by MULOSIGE in collaboration with the Raza Foundation (New Delhi) and Delhi University

Reading group on Education and Comparative Colonialisms

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Education systems, and the literary works they prioritized, are an excellent inroad to outlining how literary forms and cultures responded to colonialism