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No Beginning, no End: Storytelling Performance and Workshop

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Join author and performer Vayu Naidu as she leads a storytelling performance and workshop about stories that travel across cultures and languages. This event is supported by the MULOSIGE project at SOAS, University of London, and hosted by the N4 Library, Islington.

NourbeSe Philip and destroying the English language

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Can the act of recycling the English language liberate those who have been snubbed by the hegemonic power? Is it a way of turning the master’s tools [...] against itself to be used as a device that dismantles the master’s unhinged, socially stratified house? 

Imperial Languages/Languages and Empire: A reflection

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MULOSIGE's Francesca Orsini interrogates a new collaborative project that explores the interaction between languages and empire and suggests that 'imperial languages' as a conceptual category should be deployed carefully

Hamlet at Helsingør: performance across time, space and language

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Watching 'Hamlet Live' at Kronborg Castle creates a sense of both familiarity and distance that helps us think about how literatures travel and come to be shared