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A Textbook Example: How English schools shape views of Hindi Literature

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Shonali Jindal investigates whether a fundamental difference exists in the treatment of Hindi and English Literature in English-medium textbooks in contemporary India.

Discovering eco-criticism in Hindi: Renu’s Tale of a barren land

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In an ecocritical reading of Hindi author Phaniswarnath Renu, Amul Gyawali explores the dichotomies in his writing: state-society, centre-periphery and, crucially, man-nature

SOAS CCLPS Critical Forum – Nadeschda Bachem & Yan Jia

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Opening horizons to the multifacetedness of cultural production on the Asian continent using case studies from Japan and South Korea, China and India

Reading group with S. Shankar (University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa)

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S. Shankar's work challenges reductive understandings of ‘world’ as presented in theories of ‘world literature’ and critiques conceptualisations of ‘literature’ as influenced by Western ideas of the ‘literary’