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Iran’s official book awards: a more open ‘World’ literature

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Iranian poet, literary critic and translator Alireza Abiz examines Iran's 'World Book Award' and the languages, works, and topics it considers and finds the prize to be surprisingly expansive in acknowledging different sources of cultural and literary exchange in Iran

Comparison as Relation: Multilingual literary regions and comparative colonialisms

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A three-day workshop (14, 15 and 16 December 2017) hosted by MULOSIGE in collaboration with the Raza Foundation (New Delhi) and Delhi University

To English, or not to English? Shakespeare as a translator

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Guest contributor Jennifer E. Nicholson questions the idea of Shakespeare as a quintessentially English author, and describes instead ‘un-Englished’ Shakespeare who was not limited to either a single locality or language

Multilingual Poetry: Kwame Write in Paris, Accra, Copenhagen

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Poetry doesn't need to be completely understood to be experienced, making it an ideal medium for multilingual expression. Here multimodal artist Kwame Write talks to MULOSIGE about the language of water and about multilingualism in his life and work.