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An entangled comparative reading of texts in multilingual contexts

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Multilingual Locals and Significant Geographies: For a New Approach to World Literature explores the numerous, often fractured, and non-overlapping worlds of literature, and studies world literature from the perspective of multilingual societies. MULOSIGE is a European Research Council-funded research project led by Professor Francesca Orsini, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London.

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Abadi Dunya 1937

Join the MULOSIGE team in Delhi for a three-day workshop entitled ‘Comparison as Relation: Multilingual literary regions and comparative colonialisms,’ organised in association with Prof Apoorvanand (Delhi University)

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S Shankar

In a guest post for MULOSIGE, S Shankar (University of Hawai’i at Mānoa) argues that his idea of postcolonial philology can present “a powerful way of plumbing the depths of the modern colonial encounter and its aftermath”

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Colours of Adios

MULOSIGE guest contributor Mulugeta Alebachew explores the Ethiopian writer Adam Reta’s use of metaphors of light prisms and colours in his latest novel to describe how couples, histories and nations part, mix and combine

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‘1920 to 1930’: Prohibition and the Arabic Short Story in New York City

December 7th, 2017|0 Comments

This Arabic short story published in New York during the Prohibition Era uses science fiction to imagine just how far banning certain beverages could possibly go. Raphael Cormack translated the story into English, and includes an introduction which contextualizes the story and 'Al-Akhlaq' journal as part of a larger Arabic literature and news scene set in New York in the early 20th century.

Ibn Battuta’s legacy brought to life in Tangier festival

Earlier this month the city of Tangier hosted a variety of academic, literary, and cultural events which brought to life the legacy of Ibn Battuta, the famous 14th-century wayfarer originally hailing from this coastal

Concrete Poetry: Morten Søndergaard’s Wall of Dreams

In the second of our series on concrete poetry, MULOSIGE's Jack Clift speaks to poet and artist Morten Søndergaard about his latest work, Wall of Dreams

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MULOSIGE Module: Comparative Colonial Pedagogies

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Celebrating Online African Literature with The Brittle Paper Literary Awards

'Brittle Paper' founder Dr. Ainehi Edoro talks to Sana Goyal about how recognizing and promoting African literature online can fill in gaps left by traditional literary outlets and their gatekeepers.