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Asoosama gabaabaa: A short story in Oromo

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"I did not know it" tells the story of Ruufo Gurraachaa, a girl who survived the Surro massacre as a small child. Brought up by a perpetrator of the massacre and given in marriage to an old man who orchestrated the violence, Ruufo is unaware of her tragic past. Yet these secrets cannot stay hidden. As Ruufo discovers that her husband's past brutally connects with her own, she must decide whether or not to take revenge.

Sultana’s Dream: An alternative view of colonial Bengal.

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Sinjini Chatterjee discusses the portrayal of a female utopia in Rokeya Hossain's Engish language short story, "Sultana's Dream".

Shital Pravinchandra (QMUL): World Literature and the Short Story

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Shital Pravinchandra argues that the short story has played a crucial role in forging national literatures, consolidating authorial reputations and shaping readerly tastes and public debates, but it has done so in ways that are not readily assimilable to the literary critical concepts put forth by world literature.

The Tigrinya short story in Eritrea: emergence and development of a genre

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Akeder Ahmedin Issa guides us through the history of the short story in Tigrinya from the 1980s to the present, focusing on the parallel developments in Sahl, the centre of the Eritrean independence struggle, and the capital Asmara