MULOSIGE seeks to re-emphasise the centrality of translation to existing discussion on World Literature.

From One Empire To The Next: Claire Gallien

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Dr Claire Gallien lectures at the English Department of the University Paul Valéry Montpellier 3  and is member of the CNRS . She works on 17th-18th century orientalism, as well as contemporary Arab literatures in English and in translation. Her first book, L’Orient Anglais (Oxford, 2011), deals with the interactions between popular and scholarly

A Case of Exploding Markets: Latin American and South Asian Literary “Booms” in a Comparative Perspective

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This excerpt is taken from an interview with Professor Kantor and Dr Fatima Burney about Kantor's upcoming book Even If You Gain the World: The Rise of South Asian Literature in Light of Latin America.

MULOSIGE London Libraries Project – Arabic

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MULOSIGE is working closely with the Council of Islington and a variety of community centres in a project to make London libraries more multilingual.

MULOSIGE London Libraries Project – English

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MULOSIGE is working closely with the Council of Islington and a variety of community centres in a project to make London libraries more multilingual.

“Reading together” in multilingual contexts beyond monolingual methodologies

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The conference programme for "Reading Together" in Multilingual Contexts Beyond Monolingual Methodologies, to be held in Università degli Studi di Napoli L’Orientale, Naples 11-12 April 2019.

Asoosama gabaabaa: A short story in Oromo

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"I did not know it" tells the story of Ruufo Gurraachaa, a girl who survived the Surro massacre as a small child. Brought up by a perpetrator of the massacre and given in marriage to an old man who orchestrated the violence, Ruufo is unaware of her tragic past. Yet these secrets cannot stay hidden. As Ruufo discovers that her husband's past brutally connects with her own, she must decide whether or not to take revenge.

Barreessitoonni fi Qorattoonni Oromoo waa’ee Ogbarruu Oromoo Maal Jedhu?

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Ayele Kebede Roba discusses Oromo literature in the Oromo language; centring discussions of world literature outside of the English language.

Dernières nouvelles du colonialisme: legitimising collective memory in the face of legislative amnesia

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Isadora Hutcheson-Lovett argues that "Dernières nouvelles du colonialisme" pushes back against French legislative power; demonstrating collective transnational memory in the face of France's metropolitan amnesia.

“Ach Ba Gá Dom Labhairt Leat:” An Foclóir Aiteach and the Presence of Queer Culture as Gaeilge.

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Jenny Moran introduces An Foclóir Aiteach, a dictionary that writes queer terminology into the Irish language.

What’s in a Name? On Afghanistan’s Fraught Persian Language Politics

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Ronah Baha discusses the politics of the BBC's decision to name their BBC Afghanistan page 'BBC Dari', focusing on the rich diversity of Persian literary and civilisational linguistic histories.