MULOSIGE seeks to influence reading habits of the public and academics working on world literature and comparative literature. It offers a digital portal with various theoretical reading and reading suggestions on world(s) literature from the perspective of button-up approach that considers the multilingual local of literary traditions and their wider geographies of circulation. The aim is to influence academic teaching of world(s) literature. The interactive digital portal provides diverse sources on world(s) literature that include course outlines, commissioned sample translations, discussion topics that promote approaches to world literature that highlight the local and regional perspectives of ‘world’ and comparative literature.

Contributions are invited from the public, scholars in the field and from graduate students all over the world. Visit our Contact page to get in touch.

MULOSIGE Reading List: Imagining Mid-Nineteenth-Century Beirut as a ‘City of the World’

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This reading list was contributed by Dr Rita Sakr and addresses the mid-nineteenth-century cultural-geographical dynamics that constructed Beirut as a ‘city of the world’, helping us to consider how its production forms both a ‘crisis of representation’ and a ‘representation of crisis’.

MULOSIGE Reading List: Orature, World Literature and Mobility

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Professor Catherine Servan-Schreiber (CNRS Paris) offers a reading list that explores orature and mobility in North Indian popular culture.

MULOSIGE Reading List: The Significant Literary Geographies of African Festivals

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In an era where cultural festivals multiply, so-called African festivals have spread in Africa, but also outside of Africa, in major cities as well as in little-known villages, for example in provincial France. What are some of their implications and effects in the case of francophone African literature?

Poétiques et politiques de l’activisme des écrivains dans les Pays du Sud

By |July 3rd, 2019|Categories: Digital Humanities and Archiving, Events, Horn of Africa, Literary Criticism, Maghreb, North India|

Cette conférence s’assigne comme but d’explorer selon une perspective comparée la manière dont l’activisme des écrivains négocie la poétique et la politique dans trois régions des Pays du Sud: le Maghreb, la Corne de l’Afrique et le nord de l’Inde.

Oral Traditions in World Literature – Addis Ababa Conference

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In this conference, we argue that oral traditions are a vital component of world literature, and not only as an antecedent to written literatures, but in their own right. The conference seeks to move past the characterisation of oral literature as traditional, locally constrained, and less aesthetically complex than written literatures. We will show instead that oral traditions are a modern and dynamic form of literary expression everywhere around the world, sometimes able to circulate across long distances.