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Magazines and World Literature Online

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Professor Francesca Orsini is the Principal Investigator of the MULOSIGE project, and leader of the North India case study. She is Professor of Hindi and South Asian Literature, as well as Chair of the CCLPS. Her research interests range from modern and contemporary Hindi literature to the multiligual history of literature in early modern North

Scheherezade Cultural Events at the N4 Library

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Scheherezade Cultural events are part of the MULOSIGE Libraries project, which aims to fill London libraries with multilingual books and discussions! All events are free and everyone is welcome to attend. Dr Itzea Goikolea introducing the Arabic Collection at the N4 Library . MULOSIGE is working closely with the Council of

Oral Traditions in World Literatur: Conference Abstracts

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MULOSIGE is organising the conference "Oral Traditions in World Literature" on the 17 - 18th December 2019. Read the conference abstracts below. Oral Traditions in World Literature Image used with permission from In this conference, we argue that oral traditions are a vital component of world literature, and not

Voices from Broken Places – Recording with Professor Assefa Dibaba

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Dr Assefa (aka Asafa) Tefera Dibaba is a poet, educator and researcher. He is the author of anthologies of poems in English and Oromo including: Anaany’aa (1998, 2006), Edas-Edanas (1997), Finfi (Ilyaada) (2014), Decorous Decorum (2006), and The Hug (2011), and has published works of prose including Danaa (2000), Eela (2009), Theorizing the Present

Contemporary African Oral Traditions – Roundtable Recording

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Orature plays a determinant role in literary expression around the world, but unwritten verbal arts have been explicitly excluded from definitions of world literature. Watch the recording from the roundtable on Contemporary Oral African Traditions to learn more about orature's place in world literature.

Oral Traditions in World Literature – Conference Programme

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The MULOSIGE project (Multilingual Locals, Significant Geographies: SOAS University of London) is organising the conference Oral Traditions in World Literature on the 17-18 December 2019. This conference will take place at the Addis Regency Hotel, Addis Ababa (Ethiopia). You can read  the conference abstracts here or explore the conference programme. Oral Traditions

From One Empire To The Next: Claire Gallien

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Dr Claire Gallien lectures at the English Department of the University Paul Valéry Montpellier 3  and is member of the CNRS . She works on 17th-18th century orientalism, as well as contemporary Arab literatures in English and in translation. Her first book, L’Orient Anglais (Oxford, 2011), deals with the interactions between popular and scholarly