MULOSIGE’s Syllabi is a set of resources which hopes to facilitate comparative and collaborative research and pedagogy. Over the course of the project, the MULSOIGE team will use the many conferences, talks and workshops we attend as an opportunity to put the diverse linguistic and geographic expertise of our interlocutors into conversation with one another through proposed syllabi based on parallel research interests.

We hope this body of syllabi will be a resource for readers, teachers and students hoping to familiarise themselves with new material and new comparative models. We encourage our readers to join us in creating and submitting syllabi based on their own collaboration with other scholars. Solo projects are welcome too!

The platform we have created for submitting syllabi through this website makes it easy to compile and organise a set of key readings. Simply follow up on conference panels, workshops and/or seminar by collecting and compiling the readings recommended for each paper or research area. This exercise will give shape to the broad discussions and scholarly networks that your collective research draws out. Be sure to note where your collaboration took place as, indeed, this is part of the ‘significant geographies’ of ‘World Literature’ scholarship today.

Contribute a collaborative course