Guidelines on Submission:

Thank you for suggesting a collaborative course outline! You may submit your course outline through the online form or download the form and email it to

When you submit your form we recommend that you include:

  1. i) information about each contributor and/or hyperlinks to the corresponding web profiles
  2. ii) hyperlinks to all the reading material that is available online, and
  3. iii) an image that you want associated with the course.

You may include a section on course objectives and assignments if you should so choose but it is not necessary. If you have already taught this course, please feel free to include any teaching materials that you are willing to share. All syllabi uploaded onto our webpage will fall under Creative Commons copyright license. If you would like to assign a different copyright license to your syllabus, please be sure to note which copyright license you prefer in the ‘Additional Comments’ section.

If you have any questions regarding this process, you may write to And, of course, please do share your contributions with colleagues and friends through social media platforms!

Complete the form online below. A downloadable form will be available here soon. Please email if you want access to the form as a Word document.

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