These critical interventions seek to interrogate the relevance of world literature today. How can world literature be characterised as an academic field? What are approaches, concepts, and discussions that a new approach to world literature can draw from?
 In this series of blog posts we discuss academic works and interventions on world literature, intellectual history, global studies, and culture industries. What concepts, reflections, and texts can help us define “significant geographies” and think about the histories of “multilingual locals”? This section offers critical and theoretical interventions and reviews theories and theorists, putting them in dialogue with our framework and our three regional case studies: North India, the Maghreb and the Horn of Africa.

“Reading together” in multilingual contexts beyond monolingual methodologies

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The conference programme for "Reading Together" in Multilingual Contexts Beyond Monolingual Methodologies, to be held in Università degli Studi di Napoli L’Orientale, Naples 11-12 April 2019.

Postcolonial Print Cultures Conference: Tambimuttu and Sivanandan: Cold-War America and International Socialism.

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Tambimuttu and Sivanandan: Cold-War America and International Socialism Dr Ruvani Ranasinha (Kings College London) considers and contrasts the political positions and self-fashioning adopted during the careers of two mid-century Sri Lankan writers. Ranasinha

Postcolonial Print Cultures Conference Report

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The Postcolonial Print Cultures Conference was convened at SOAS University of London on the 11-12th January 2019. The methodological conditions behind the conference are to consider the historical moment of the Cold War in ways other than by splitting the world into two spheres.

Beyond conflicts, crises and catastrophes: Afro-Pessimism in Western Media

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Rachel Tabea Bossmeyer criticizes the afro-pessimism of mainstream Western Media and its ties to colonial literary productions.

What’s in a Meme?: Literature, Representation, and Renegotiation.

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Jenny Carla Moran is a Postcolonial studies MA student at SOAS University of London. She is the co-founder and a previous co-head editor of Trinity College Dublin's feminist journal, nemesis. Her current research interests

Making the child ‘sharīf’ in Urdu textbooks – Muslim, yet not Islamic

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Sumaira Nawaz reflects on Urdu educational texts in colonial North India and how they informed new sensibilities and identities across religious divides

Omar Berrada: Il est temps de revendiquer un cosmopolitisme du sud

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"La colonisation n'appartient pas au passé, elle survit à sa propre mort en organisant une double amnésie: l'effacement des cultures colonisées et l'igonrance ou le déni de cet effacement."

Sowing the seeds of subalternity in Somali Literature

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Photograph of Afgoye, Somalia from 2013 (source: Wiki Commons) Mohamed A. Eno is professor and dean of African Studies at St. Clements University in Mogadishu, Somalia. His groundbreaking