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Aisha Afrah is a broadcast journalist at BBC World Service, she is a poet and a short fiction writer. Aisha has an M.A. in African Literature from  SOAS University. Her interests include translation and multilingualism within the Somali territories. Her poetry explores themes such as home, womanhood, being a refugee and self-love. Dadka deegannada

Multilingual Counterpoint in Nuruddin Farah’s Sardines

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Tayseer Abu Odeh discusses how Somali writer Nuruddin Farah explores how to challenge narratives of history and power in his novel Sardines.

Poetic inserts and the art of persuasion in the Somali novel “Aqoondarro waa u nacab jacayl” (“Ignorance is the enemy of love”) by Faarax M. J. Cawl

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Ruixuan Li is a first year PhD student at SOAS University of London focusing on modern Somali poetry. Her research looks at the complex identities expressed by the new generation of Somali women poets through a comparative study of their poetry in Somali and English. Ignorance is the enemy of love: the novel