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Entangled Histories: Qurratulain Hyder’s Fireflies in the Mist

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When does a book become part of world literature? When it is translated into a major language, published by a metropolitan publisher and endorsed by renowned writers? So why has Qurratulain Hyder’s novel failed to register?

Antonio Gramsci’s Anti-colonial Imagination podcast

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Dr Thomas Langley (King's College London) makes a case for reading Antonio Gramsci as an anti-colonial writer. By turning to some of Gramsci’s lesser-known pre-prison writings we can trace lines of continuity that underline the centrality of questions of colonial and imperial power in his work, and foreground the ways in which his writing is characterised by a consistent attempt to locate Italy as a terrain of struggle in relation to broader contours of colonial exploitation and anti-colonial resistance.

Antonio Gramsci’s Anti-colonial Imagination

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Making a case for reading Antonio Gramsci as an anti-colonial writer that is worked out through often surprising acts of creative reading and writing.

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