Scheherezade Cultural events are part of the MULOSIGE Libraries project, which aims to fill London libraries with multilingual books and discussions!

All events are free and everyone is welcome to attend.

Dr Itzea Goikolea introducing the Arabic Collection at the N4 Library


MULOSIGE is working closely with the Council of Islington and different community centres and charities in a project to make London libraries more multilingual. The scope of this collaborative project is not only to celebrate multilingualism in its various forms, but also to increase Londoners’ knowledge of and accessibility to literatures from the Global South, and in languages other than English.


Explore our cultural events!

They run from 1st February to the 29th June and will take place at the N4 Library.

These events are run by the MULOSIGE project (funded by the European Research Council).  It is part of the MULOSIGE Libraries project, led by Dr Itzea Goikolea.