MULOSIGE are committed to engaging with society at large in order to work together on issues related to multilingualism and multilingual literature. Within that framework, we are currently collaborating with the council of the London borough of Islington to make the books offered at the Islington libraries more multilingual -as is the borough!

The initial focus has been to make books in Arabic accessible at N4 Library, and we hope that more languages and libraries will soon follow. Besides, instead of the members of MULOSIGE being the ones who decided what books should be acquired, we investigated the literary taste and interest of the Arabophone community in the locale and then ordered the books based on the survey results. We thus first disseminated a survey in Arabic, and after collecting a good sample of compiled surveys and attending to the interests of the community, the books are currently making their way into N4 Library.

A selection of books in Arabic - coming soon to the libraries taking part in MULOSIGE's project!

A selection of books in Arabic – coming soon to the libraries taking part in MULOSIGE’s project!

Keep an eye on our website (or sign in to get updates) to learn about the book launch event which will be held at N4 Library in October! Other events which highlight the richness and joy of multilingual literature in the world will be held in Islington throughout the Autumn, and we hope you can join us in order to suggest and get involved in making the borough of Islington – and others soon- more inclusive of the enriching diversity that we all are part of!