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Chase Arabic Poetry and Story Translation Workshop 5

Unreckoned Things: Collaboration, Experiment and Voice in Translation

Marina Warner and Wen-chin Ouyang with Yasmine Seale and Robin Moger

Workshop: 14:30 – 18:00, Keynes Library, Birkbeck College, University of London, 43 Gordon Square

Public Reading and Discussion: 19:00 -20:15, Room 116, SOAS, University of London

Robin Moger is a translator of Arabic to English prose and poetry, currently living in Cape Town. He has translated a number of novels, primarily by contemporary Egyptian authors. His most recent translations include How To Mend by Iman Mersal, The Law of Inheritance by Yasser Abdellatif, and Haytham Al Wardani’s The Book of Sleep. His translation of Yasser Abdel Hafez’s The Book of Safety won the 2017 Saif Ghobash Banipal Prize for Arabic Literature in Translation.

Yasmine Seale is a writer and translator from Arabic and French. Her first translated book, Aladdin, will be published in November 2018. She is currently working on a new translation of the Thousand and One Nights for W. W. Norton. She lives in Istanbul. https://www.yasmineseale.com/translation/

Together they are working on an experimental translation of Ibn Arabi’s cycle of odes, The Interpreter of Desires. https://yrakha.com/2018/05/11/55-yasmine-robin-mohieddin/

Workshop Material:

Ulayya Bint Mahdi


Qasmuna Bint Ismail


Nael Altokhy (attached)

‘Frametale’ and ‘Dalilah the Crafty’ from The 1001 Nights (attached)

Public Event material

Dhu l-Rummah (attached)

Sayyab, ‘Raingsong’ (attached)

One recitation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAKJwanr8Lk;

Set to music and sung: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgPNHKBj9ko