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MULOSIGE’s Prof. Francesca Orsini and Dr. Sara Marzagora will be presenting at this event next month.



Thursday January 18, 2018

2-3:30pm: Session 1

Stephanie Newell (Yale), “Disconnecting the -Phone: Anglo-Scribes and Anglo-Literates in West African Newspaper History”
Sara Marzagora (SOAS), “The Emperor, the Intellectuals and the Press: Print Culture and Class Formation in Ethiopia (1941-1970)”

3:30-4: Coffee break

4-5:30: Session 2

Saronik Bosu (NYU), “News of the World: Printing the International in Nationalist Times, Amrita Bazar Patrika 1918-22”
Aakriti Mandhwani (SOAS), “From the Age of Dharma to the age of Dharmvir Bharti: Publishing Dharmyug”
Fionnghuala Sweeney (Newcastle), “Playing with Print: CLR James, Paul Robeson and Toussaint L’ouverture”

Friday January 19, 2018

9:30-11am: Session 3

Hala Halim (NYU), “Progressive Aesthetics in Two 1940s Egyptian Journals”
Emily Sibley (NYU), “Exposure: The Visual Culture of the Street and the Egyptian Revolution”

11-11:30pm: Coffee break

11:30-1: Session 4

Toral Gajarawala (NYU Abu Dhabi), “Sadequain’s Stranger”
Krupa Shandilya (Amherst), “An Incomplete Modernism: On Translating Miraji’s Lost Archive”

1-2:30: Lunch

2:30-4: Session 5

Laetitia Zecchini (CNRS, La Sorbonne), “What filters through the curtain”: Reconsidering Modernism, Travelling Literatures and Little Magazines in a Cold War Context
Sarah Niazi (Westminster), “Film Journalism and the Urdu Public Sphere in India (1930- 1947)”

4-4:30: Coffee break

4:30-6: Session 6

Roundtable on “Postcolonial Publishing.” Chaired by James Procter (Newcastle), with Urvashi Butalia (Zubaan Press) in remote connection, Mark Byers (Newcastle), Alison Donnell (University of East Anglia), Paulo Horta (NYU-Abu Dhabi), Nicholas Laughlin (Caribbean Review of Books), Francesca Orsini (SOAS), Jeremy Poynting (Peepal Tree Press), and Stefan Tobler (&Other Stories).

Drinks and nibbles